Cave Diving at Cenote Naharon

 In Technical Diving

We went diving in cristalino cenote or Naharon cenote with Paris Palacios and Aldo, both certified full cave divers TDI. For this dive specialized guide is required since the cenote has several tunnels to visit and it is better to take a specialized guide who knows the site.

To enter the diving site we had to pay 200 pesos per diver and the guide does not pay. This money is used for the conservation of the cenote. The divers can access by car only a few meters from the cenote, in this way it is easy to prepare and enter the water.

Once dressed with the complete team of cave diving and the plan to follow we dive into the tunnel “The Trifurcate” that led us to put the Reel to the main line and 3 jumps.

For this dive with Dive Tulum, we only require one set of doubles per diver with their respective regulators, long hose, back up lights and primary light, 5 Gap reels, jetfin fins, 7mm wetsuit, directional arrows, cookies and lots of energy for this decompression diving.

We start by going down to the only entrance tunnel that has Naharon cenote and we go to place our line reel towards the main line that already exists in the cenote. At only 80 meters is the first jump to the left, an arrow that indicates the exit alerts us in turn of the jump to go towards the trifurcate, once on the other line we advance about 40 meters and again we place another jump towards left to go down to the line that will take us to the tunnel trifurcate. The Trifurcate tunnel line starts at about 55 feet deep and with a layer that connects the fresh water with the salt water, forming almost a layer that leaves us with a somewhat blurred vision and its beautiful time.

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