Cenote Angelita in Tulum

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Today we venture to dive in the Angelita cenote which is located south of Tulum, just 15 minutes away. We did a recreational dive with a diving tank at a depth of 35 meters.

For this dive it is required to be certified PADI and have at least 15 dives. Diving in Cenote Angelita requires planning since we will find ourselves with a decompression diving and with the magnificent layer of sulfidic acid that is located at 30 meters depth.

When you reach the acid layer that has a thickness of 2 meters and when you cross it you will feel a strong odor of rotten eggs due to the decomposition of the microorganisms that fall from the trees.

We begin a controlled descent verifying that we have all equalized the ears, there is little visibility of less than 2 meters. Only when you reach 20 meters can we have a better view of the circular cenote. Cenote Angelita has trees buried in the background that give a gloomy and beautiful panorama. We cross the layer of sulfidic acid and everything becomes another world instantly, suddenly it is like diving at night and we can feel like we suck air faster, soon the dive is finished due to the depth.

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