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Frequently asked questions

Due to the meteorological conditions of the Riviera Maya, the cenotes have transparency and visibility at any depth that make diving an activity throughout the year, 365 days.

Of course, you can book online from your cell phone with our WhatsApp. It is even the best and fastest way to reserve since you can instantly monitor your dive or schedule in case of any changes

All our Diving packages in Tulum include roundtrip transportation to the cenotes in the area.

Diving in cenotes implies a high level of buoyancy and safety that you can only learn with the PADI Open Water diving course. But don’t be scared, we can offer you the “Discovery” diving course that was specially designed for you who are not certified and want to experience your first dive in a cenote. We will take you to Casa cenote, located very close to Tulum.

Of course, our specialty is PADI courses from Open Water to Dive Master

Dive Tulum opens every day at 8:30 am we will be ready for you

Cave dives in Tulum are guided trips only for cave divers certified with that specialty called Full Cave Diver.

Of course we have cavern or cenote dives. This type of diving is the most common in the Tulum area. We can take you to the cenote Car wash, Dreamgate, Angelita, Dos Ojos, Calavera and many more depending on your level of training.

The underwater photography service is an extra service that can be included in your diving package if you request it prior availability.