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NACD Cave diving course

Certification NACD Tulum

National Association for CAVE diving is a training agency established in Gainesville FLORIDA SINCE 1968 RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC the manuals and procedures for cave diving. In the 80s, the exploration of different cave systems such as CARWASH, MAYA BLUE, NAHARON ETC began in the Tulum region. As in the 1990s exploration of the Nohoch na Chich system, the NACD has the highest standards of cave training and procedures to make the student a competent diver in this environment

NACD Cavern

Minimum Requirement Advanced Open Water Duration 2 days car wash training site Cenote

Intro to Cave

Cavern Requirement or Equivalent duration 2 days Carwash and Maya Blue training

Full Cave

Cave Intro Requirement or equivalent. Duration 4 days Training sites; Carwash, Maya Blue, Vaca Ha, Kalimba

Cenote Car Wash near Tulum about 6km towards Coba Mayan Ruins
NACD in Tulum

Certificate NACD

The certified cave student by the NACD will be able to execute dives on their own and with their own equipment at the level that is certified once the standards and requirements for certification have been met. 

NACD Tulum Cave Diving course

National Association for Cave Diving

Cave diving can be extremely safe with proper training and always following the established rules.

The NACD philosophy of safe cave diving is based on a system of checks and balances to ensure NACD standards are upheld on every course

Cavern course

This course emphasizes planning, procedures, environment, propulsion techniques, buoyancy skills, problem solving, equipment modification, and focuses on the specialized needs of the cavern diver, Cenote Diver ¡



Intro to cave

The Introduction to Cave Diving course is taught over a minimum of two days and includes a minimum of four single-tank cave dives.

This course focuses on SIMPLE cave navigation and develops basic skills for the cave diver such as finding a lost line or finding a buddy. In addition to penetrations limited to 1/6 in the handling of Gas in double tank configuration, either with mounting on the back or on the sides.



Scuba diver exploring unique natural formations known as "bells" in submerged caves beneath the

Cavern course

The cavern course is taught over a minimum of two days and includes classroom lectures, field exercises, online open water drills, and a minimum of four cenote dives.

This course, commonly called Cenote Diving, takes place within the limits established by the NACD of light and distance from the entrance of the cenote to the point where the sunlight does not reach. The course takes place in the Carwash cenote



Mexico, Yucatan, Tulum, Cave diver in the system Dos Ojos

Full cave

The cave diving course is one of the most advanced certifications available today. It is taught in a minimum of four days with a minimum of eight dives.

This course focuses on developing skills in the student to carry out COMPLEX NAVIGATION (jumps, T’s, Travesías and Curcuits) for which the penetration time in Gas handling is extended to 1/3 making this level an experience of Safe cave diving