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Dive Tulum has an existing and well-established income that has provided stable income for almost three decades. The general expenses are reduced to the minimum, since both the company and the property are the exclusive property of Dive Tulum without any investment or interest from third parties. The cash flow has proven to be seasonal, with a peak in the winter months and a decrease during the summer months, this is a main trend in the Tulum area for the leisure / tourism sector.

Dive Tulum is a diving center that offers services and sales of tours for the tourism and leisure diving sector in cenotes and caves of Tulum. We provide diving services, retail equipment and high quality accommodation for the national and international tourism market. We are the first dive shop in Tulum since 1933

“The First
Diving Center
in Tulum
Since 1993”

“We provide education, services and diving tours to clients who expect the highest standards. Our reputation has been established for almost thirty years in the diving industry, and our sole objective is to maintain that reputation for safety and customer satisfaction. Our daily aspiration is to cultivate a sympathetic balance with our environment, both in the local culture and in the natural ecological systems in Tulum.

Our environment is our passion, our future is our vision ”.


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Certificate as a PADI diver. Become a cave diver of the NACD. Dive in Tulum and learn the Mayan culture. Explore the Mexican Riviera Maya with passionate NACD cave instructors

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